Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters



We started roasting and serving coffee in 1986 with a simple promise: Coffee Without Compromise. Today little has changed; sure, we now roast on two coasts, and there are more Dancing Goats Coffee Bars than ever, but our commitment to that promise is just as strong as it ever was. Our 30 years experience is at the disposal of each of our wholesale partners, if you’ve got a problem chances are we have already faced and solved it. Join the Batdorf family and put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for your business.


The name Batdorf & Bronson has been synonymous with “quality coffee” for decades. Quality starts by finding exceptional farms who are producing the best green beans the world has to offer and ends when a Batdorf & Bronson trained and certified barista crafts and serves coffee to a waiting customer. It is our intrinsic need to approach each step from “seed to cup” with the utmost care and attention that has earned us the reputation we have.


Finding and roasting exceptional coffee is not the same thing as running a successful cafe, fortunately we have the know-how to do both. Our highly-trained, dedicated wholesale account managers deliver the highest level of service in the industry. When you become a member of the Batdorf family your business gets its own account manager who takes the time to understand your unique needs and circumstances in order to deliver the best personalized service possible.



An introductory class focused on the concepts, methods and tools needed to create consistent, properly extracted espresso. This course is ideal for new baristas and can be used as a refresher for you and your staff. Students learn to dose, pull and taste a perfect shot; make proper grind adjustments; develop daily cleaning habits and troubleshoot when something goes awry.
Duration: 3 hours | $250 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)


Learn to create silky smooth lattes, velvety cappuccinos and everything on your menu to the same quality standards as Batdorf and Bronson’s retail stores. This course solidifies espresso preparation techniques and focuses on the efficient order in which espresso drinks should be constructed.
Duration: 3 hours | $250 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)

LATTE ART (Limit 2)

We will seek to fine tune your barista skills through waste elimination, consistent dosing and tamping, creating perfect milk texture and pouring latte art. Though most students won’t be consistently pouring rosettes after just one class, all students will take with them the tools to practice and a foundation on which to build.
Duration: 2 hours | $170 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)


Brewed coffee is the backbone of most coffeehouses and cafés. In this session our trainers will increase your knowledge of automated brewers and introduce you to distinctive brewing techniques such as: French Press, Melita, Hario K60, Chemex, Vacuum Pot, Aeropress, KONE, Clever Dripper and more. Specific methods and class content will be customized for your needs.
Duration: 3 hours | $175 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)


Save time, equipment, coffee and money. We will introduce cleaning and maintenance schedules, making adjustments on the espresso machine, taking apart the espresso grinder for cleaning and reassembly and more. This course is recommended for more mechanically inclined staff, management and shop owners.
Duration: 3 hours | $250 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)


This course is an introduction to the cupping procedure coffee tasters use around the world to evaluate coffee. Learn to distinguish prominent flavor profiles from each major coffee growing region. While analyzing each coffee, we will explore the following: aroma, acidity, body, complexity and flavor. This engaging session can be especially useful for businesses retailing whole bean coffee.
Duration: 1.5 hours | $150 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)


This all-encompassing course will put the information needed and tools to train in the hands of a shop owner or lead barista. We will solidify your techniques of espresso preparation, create routine drink construction procedures and discuss preventative maintenance schedules. We will put the training tools, manuals, and outlines into the hands of someone who will continue to deliver our message.
Duration: 2 Days | $1,050 / Person OR 1 Day | $600 / Person (Free for Wholesale Partners)