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    Atlanta Roastery       Olympia Roastery
    1530 CARROLL DR NW STE 100       200 MARKET ST NE
    ATLANTA GA 30318-3600       OLYMPIA WA 98501-6965



    Twitter: @BatdorfCoffee


Orders & Time Sensitive Messages

    Wholesale Orders       1-800-955-5282 (ext 2)       [email protected]


Account Managers

    Doc Rohlik       1-800-955-5282 (ext 100)       [email protected]
    Erik Correia       1-800-955-5282 (ext 101)       [email protected]
    Sally Califf       1-800-955-5282 (ext 102)       [email protected]



    Lisa Gancel       1-800-955-5282 (ext 115)       [email protected]


Creative Department

    Carolyn Skye       1-800-955-5282 (ext 131)       [email protected]


Delivery Drivers

    Altanta Area    Davis Petterson    404-386-9172      [email protected]
    Portland Area    Jake Nussbaum    503-926-2331      [email protected]
    Washington    Chuck Hodgkinson
John Geobel
     [email protected]
  [email protected]



    Jennifer Dalmy       404-219-3567       [email protected]
    Marcus Young       503-333-9225       [email protected]
    Mike Zack       360-489-7793       [email protected]
    Sandra Hall       360-561-8647       [email protected]


Training & Education

    Eastern United States       Chandler Rentz       678-640-0226       [email protected]
    Western United States       Dan Graham       360-561-2483       [email protected]



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Allied Products

    Frozen X-plosion       (no phone)       (no email)
    Full Circle     800-222-2826     [email protected]
    Mighty Leaf Tea     877-698-5323     [email protected]
    Monin     727-461-3033     [email protected]
    Sattwa Chai     503-538-4715     (no email)
    Service Paper     800-835-8111 (ext. 8748)     [email protected]


Magazines and Periodicals

    Barista Magazine       800-296-9108       [email protected]
    Fresh Cup       1-800-868-5866       (no email)
    Imbibe Magazine       1-877-246-2423       [email protected]
    Specialty Coffee Retailer       847-720-5600       [email protected]
    Tea and Coffee Trade Journal       212-391-2060       [email protected]


Organizations and Trade Shows

    Barista Guild of America       562-624-4189       [email protected]
    Coffee Fest       425-295-3300 (ext. 113)       [email protected]
    Coffee Kids       800-334-9099       [email protected]
    Cup of Excellence       406-542-3509       [email protected]
    Grounds For Health       802-241-4146       [email protected]
    SCAA       562-624-4100       [email protected]
    World Fair Trade Organization       +31 (0) 345 53 59 14       no email


About Batdorf & Bronson

    Adventures of Origin       Focus on Relationship Coffee
    Green Timeline       Milestones in our sustainable business practices
    Ordering Guide       Overview of placing and receiving orders as well as packaging options
    The Right Way Document       Batdorf & Bronson's mission statement


Allied Products

    Frozen X-plosion     Nutritional Information
    Full Circle     Coffee Tablets: Material Safety Data Sheet
Espresso Cleaner: Material Safety Data Sheet
Grinder Cleaner: Material Safety Data Sheet
Milk Wash: Material Safety Data Sheet
    Mighty Leaf Tea     Wholesale Prices: for products available through Batdorf & Bronson
    Monin     Sauces:
Caramel Sauce
Dark Chocolate Sauce
Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce
White Chocolate Sauce
Almond Syrup
Hazelnut Syrup Organic
Hazelnut Syrup - Sugar Free
Raspberry Syrup Organic
Raspberry Syrup Sugar Free
Vanilla Syrup Organic
Vanilla Syrup Sugar Free
    Sattwa Chai     Nutritional Information
    Service Paper     Batdorf & Bronson Logo Cups, Lids, and Jackets


Business & Marketing

    Articles from Wholesale E-Newsletters:     Guide to Planning and Pricing 06.2011
Ups and Downs 09.2011
Expanding Sales with Pre-Packs and Whole Bean Coffees 10.2011
Creating a Marketing Plan 01.2012
Differentiation in Business 03.2012



    Co-Branding Guidelines: about our Co-Branding program (for select customers)
B&B Brand Usage Guidelines: acceptable usage of B&B's brand
B&B Logo for Design Planning: full resolution version available upon design approval



    Coffee Descriptions (for information on limited edition coffees, contact us)
Dancing Goats® Legend (color document suitable for display)
Wholesale Coffee Prices (for information on limited edition coffees, contact us)
    Coffee Reports:
        Single Origins
Brazil Santa Maria Limited Edition
Colombia Estrella del Sur
Costa Rica El Indio
Costa Rica La Minita del Sol
Costa Rica Cerro del Fuego Organic
Ethiopia Harar
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Limited Edition Sold Out
Guatemala Finca El Valle
Honduras Piña de Oro Limited Edition Sold Out
Java Estate
Kenya AA Top Auction Lots
Mexico El Triunfo Organic Limited Edition Sold Out
Nicaragua Isabelia Organic
Papua New Guinea Baroida Limited Edition
Sumatra Mandheling
Bohemian Blend
Capitol Blend
Dancing Goats® Blend
Holiday Blend 2011 Seasonal Sold Out
Mocha Java Blend
Skye's Mountain Blend
Timbales Blend Organic
Vesuvio Blend



   Beverage Costing Worksheet an Excel file for determining menu prices
Drip Brewing Measurements for determining how much to use/order












Sell Sheets

   Barista Corner   Air-pots, Barista Tools, Beverage Ingredients, Carafes, Cleaning Products, Brewing Equipment, Filters, Storage...
   Beverage Containers   Ceramic Mugs, Cup & Saucer Sets, Travel Mugs...
   Hot & Cold Cups    Lids, Logo cups, Napkins and Cup Jackets from Service Paper
   Logo Wear    Aprons, Beanies, Caps & T-Shirts
   Mighty Leaf Tea   Black, Green, Herbal, and White Teas
   Promotional Materials   Complimentary: Coffee Reports, Hang Tags, Signs, Posters, Table Tents, & Window Clings
   Promotional Posters and Banner   5'x2' Vinyl Banner & Made-to-order, full-color posters with optional laminating and mounting