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The Chemex is one of our favorite ways of making coffee. It produces a very clean coffee with delicate aromatic qualities.

In order to brew a perfect cup through the Chemex you will need the following:

  • 1. Chemex (Need a Chemex?)
  • 2. Chemex Filters
  • 3. A coffee scoop (which is a two tablespoon scoop)
  • 4. A liquid measuring cup
  • 5. Clean filtered water
  • 6. Batdorf & Bronson Coffee
  • 7. A quality grinder

Step One:

Grab all of your coffee tools.

Measure Water

Start by measuring out your clean filtered water. Always use a two tablespoons of coffee for every 6 oz. of water. We are going to brew 30oz. of coffee in our Chemex. All the water will be transferred to a clean and empty water kettle. Bring your water to a boil.

Step Two:

Measure your coffee.

Measure Coffee

Measure coffee. Remember two tablespoons/ 10 grams per 6oz. of water. As we are making a 30oz. Chemex, we will be using 5 coffee scoops (10 tablespoons/50 grams).

Step Three:

Grind Coffee

When making a Chemex we prefer a coarse grind similar to a French Press.

Step Four:

Set Up Chemex

When brewing with a Chemex you can only use Chemex brand filters. The thick, sturdy cone fits the large opening of the Chemex. Open filter into a cone shape and place it in the Chemex with the three-layered side facing the pouring spout. This keeps the filter from collapsing into the spout, which constricts air flow.

Step Five:

Rinse Filter

Rinse the filter by pouring approximately 10oz. of hot water through it into the Chemex. Pour water out.

Step Six:

Add Coffee

Add your fresh, coarsely ground coffee to the filter in the Chemex. Shake gently to level the grounds.

Step Seven:

Remove Water From Heat

When your water comes to a full rolling boil take it off the heat and let the kettle rest for about 20 seconds (water temperature will drop from 212 to 200 in this time at sea level).

Step Eight:

Pour Water

Wet the grounds with about 4 fl. oz. of water and let the coffee bloom for 30-40 seconds. (Fresh coffee will have a larger bloom, or foam-like head. )

Step Nine:

Ensure All Grounds Are Wet

Slowly pour the rest of water over the coffee in a circular motion, avoiding the sides/edges. Ensure all the grounds are evenly wet.

Step Ten:

Remove Filter

When all the water has dripped through, carefully gather the coffee filter and remove before serving.

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