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How To Brew With The Clever Dripper


  • Grind -24grams/2 heaping coffee scoops of coffee, ground for French Press
  • Water - 400grams/14oz water, 20-30 seconds off-boil
  • Filter - #4 Melitta/Filtropa filter, rinsed with about 10oz hot water
  • Process - (brewing on a scale is recommended, as it takes guess work and “eyeballing” out of the equation, not to mention the improved repeatability and accuracy)

Step One:

Add rinsed filter

Add Coffee

Place rinsed filter into Dripper and add ground coffee.

Step Two:

Pour water and let bloom.


Start timer (from zero) and saturate the grounds with 60grams/2 ½ oz of 200-degree (F) water. Wait 30-40 seconds (take note of the aroma).

Step Three:

Add remaining water.

Add Remaining Water and Cover

Add remaining 200-degree (F) water, for a total of 400grams/14oz and cover the Dripper to retain heat.

Step Four:

Place Clever on decanter or cup.

Place on Decanter

When the timer reaches 2:40, set the Dripper on a large coffee mug or decanter (a pint glass works wonderfully) to release the stopper. Total brew time, including draw-down time, should be between 4:00-4:20.

Step Five:

Pour and serve.


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