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Wednesday Cupping

img_6542 Seven different brewing methods were tested.

This week's cupping featured the Tanzania Kanyovu AA that we will start offering Monday, May 9th.

Along with the usual production cupping samples, we brewed this fine coffee using seven different brewing methods to see how it performs. So how did it do? The Chemex and Clever dripper really stood out as the popular choices. The Chemex always produces such a clean, smooth brew. Sweet spice aroma and red fruit acidity really characterize this particular coffee. The Clever dripper resulted in a fuller body than the Chemex and allowed a little more character into the cup with a floral jasmine aroma, sweet molasses and a little bit of popcorn butter in the finish. It was definitely my favorite of the day. This coffee did well in nearly all brewing methods except perhaps the french press. Something about this brewing method allowed some of the more savory, funky elements of this coffee into the cup that just did not work for this particular coffee but if you are a french press devotee don't let me stop you from enjoying this coffee however you like.

The real surprise crowd pleaser was the cold brew. Everyone praised this coffee as an iced beverage.  Delicate strawberry acidity and a dairy like quality reminiscent of strawberry yogurt or Neapolitan ice cream. I can't wait to get this coffee home and make my own cold brew, maybe served over a strawberry or pomegranate sorbet. I'll let you know how that turns out.

We are excited to be offering this coffee just in time for the summer months as it makes such a refreshing warm weather beverage! We hope you enjoy it!

Chemex, a company favorite Chemex, an employee favorite.

Everyone looks so thoughtful and intense... Everyone looks so captivated and intense...

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Cupping”

  • Some how I didn't get to try the Tanzania as a cold brew. It sounds delicious!

  • Nice recount.
    For a long while, I have been bummed that I am not a fan of toddy, especially being an avid iced coffee fan. So I was totally blown away that this coffee did indeed SHINE in this method....I loved it!! I can't wait to have more.

  • I have a Filtron cold brew system at home that doesn't get much use. I should bring it in and cold brew the Tanzania for the crew to enjoy! By the way, this coffee does indeed taste yummy with a little chocolate sauce stirred in, a little float of strawberry sorbet on top and a splash a cream.

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