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Journey with us as we travel around the world searching for delicious coffee and meet the farmers who grow it. All Batdorf & Bronson Blog posts tagged travel.
  • On The Road: Segovias & Matagalpa, Nicaragua

    Our own Carolyn Skye (creator of the legendary Skye’s Mountain Blend) and Green Coffee Buyer Bob Benck visited Nicaragua to check in on two of our favorite green coffee producers; the Santo Domingo Co-op and the Miersch family. These two producer Read more
  • Coffee from Nicaragua

    Once again, come join green buyer Bob Benck on a journey to the beautiful country of Nicaragua. This country is on the forefront of both tradition and technology and it provides us with a kaleidoscope of flavors! We will learn about the complex co Read more
  • Coffees from Brazil

    For our August Public Cupping we will be joined by Bob Benck, Batdorf & Bronson’s very own Green Coffee Buyer. Bob is going to share with us the details of his recent trip to the expansive country of Brazil, the world’s largest coffee produc Read more
  • Upcoming Origin Trip - Tarrazu, Costa Rica

    An educational opportunity of a lifetime, I've been asked to tag along on a trip to Costa Rica! Bob, our green coffee buyer, visits every year and a couple of folks from Batdorf get to join him. This time it's me... Read more
  • Café Javasti goes to Costa Rica

    2010 started off with a great experience for both Batdorf & Bronson and our wholesale partners Café Javasti - a group trip to Costa Rica! Every year we look forward to our annual trip... Read more
  • Coffee is No Longer King in Costa Rica

    "Protejamos Nuestro Ambiente" - Protect the environment. The last decade has definitely seen great change in Costa Rica’s coffee economy. Currently, coffee production accounts for less than 1% of the country’s GDP. In 2006 the figure was Read more

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