Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters


Single Origin Chocolate and Coffee Tasting


On December 9th, the Batdorf & Bronson Atlanta Roastery played host to a Single Origin Chocolate and Coffee Tasting. We partnered with Cacao-Atlanta, an chocolate maker specializing in high quality bean to bar chocolates. We had over 50 people attend from all over Atlanta. Participants learned about how both chocolate and coffee are grown and processed, and where they’re both grown and how those variable affect the end taste of both.

Aaron Shively, head roaster for B&B in Atlanta, gave participants a great overall look at coffee roasting and the basics of coffee. Kristin Hard, owner of Cacao, lead participants through the basics of cacao and how chocolate is made, and showed different processed cacao beans. Jason Dominy, Outreach Coordinator for B&B, talked about the different methods of processing coffee, and how those differences show up in the cup. He also talked about the three growing regions of coffee, and how where coffee’s grown affects the taste.

At B&B, we’re committed to showing how coffee is culinary, and roasting the highest quality coffees make all the difference.

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