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SCAA Skill Building Workshops in Charlotte, NC

Chandler teaching a grinder maintenance workshop.


The SCAA skill building workshops were held this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina and hosted by Dilworth Coffee Roasters. Chandler and myself took a road trip out to Charlotte for the event and to instruct the Espresso Basics and Latte Art Classes for the Barista Guild of America certifications. The caliber of baristas that have recently been coming through the Southeast system has been impressive to witness. The weekend was jam-packed with people excited about furthering their coffee knowledge and really demonstrated how the Southeast and the coffee industry as a whole has grown in the last few years.

After teaching the Espresso Basics Workshop, Chandler stepped up and led an espresso grinder maintenance class. He took apart a Mazzer Super Jolly, cleaned it, and then put it back together with such ease and fluidity. Everyone there walked away with a better understanding of grinder maintenance and its importance.

Saturday night, Dilworth’s hosted a Barista Bash Latte Art Throwdown and party at their facility. Chandler and I both entered the throw down for $5 each. The proceeds went to the community kitchen across the street from Dilworth’s Roastery. I was knocked-out of the first round by Ben Helfen of Octane Coffee who was a past Millrock Latte art national champion. However, I did manage to get a decent Rosetta on the table in front of the judges. (Not bad for a roaster!) Chandler on the other hand, made it through 7 rounds of competition to take the crown and win it all! There were about 350 people at the event from large and small coffee companies of the Southeast region. Each time Chandler’s name was announced it was followed by, “from the Dirty South’s Aurora Coffee and Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters”. Jason Dominy of Dilworth Coffee Roasters’, playful antics carried over quite well as the MC of the night, while Lem Butler of (Counter Culture) DJ’ed the event.

Overall, it was a great event and super fun weekend. Both Chandler and I look forward to being able to represent the company at more events like this in the future, and we’re both excited for the SERBC coming up in February. Chandler is probably even more excited, considering the backseat of our car contained a brand new Baratza Virtuoso grinder, a siphon brewer, a gram scale and a custom tamper from Espresso Parts. Congrats Chandler!

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