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Panama Esmeralda is making friends

Panama Esmeralda is making friends.

We’ve been roasting Panama Esmeralda since August 4 and it has been earning raves ever since. Luke from 21st Street Coffee blogged about it recently and encouraged folks in the Pittsburgh area to “definitely get up there [Enrico's Tazza D'Oro] and try their Esmeralda. Batdorf & Bronson did a great job with their lot.”

Luke sampled the Panama Esmeralda at a Barista Smackdown hosted by Pittsburgh coffee house Enrico’s Tazza D’Oro. The competition featured baristas from 21st Street Coffee and Aldo Coffee in a head-to-head latte art competition. The winner received a pot of cash and all competitors were invited to sample a French Press of B&B’s Panama Esmeralda brewed by the evening’s host, Amy Enrico.

Our training specialist Oliver Stormshak was recently in Pittsburgh to do an in-depth training at Amy’s coffeehouse.

“Tazza D’Oro are true leaders in the east coast coffee community.  This is their second year being barista certified, yet they always want to learn more.  I worked one-on-one with each member of the staff to improve bar skills, technique and explore the chemistry and science behind espresso.   It was awesome.”

Oliver's training at Tazza DÓroPhotos courtesy of Amy Enrico

3 thoughts on “Panama Esmeralda is making friends”

  • The Esmeralda was really tasty- very smooth and floral and had a nice sparkle to it. Amy and the baristas of Tazza D'Oro do a great job representing your coffees.

  • I'll be your friend, Panama!

    Nice pictures, blogman :)

  • those pics are a bit old. that's our old linea in the photo with antonio. oliver's visit was awesome. on behalf of the tazza d'oro staff, thanks for all the hard work and effort that goes into everything you do to ensure we get the best product possible.

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