Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters

  • Cappuccino vs Latte

    Coffee culture has exploded with specialty coffee shops and fancy espresso-based drinks. Every day, people are experiencing coffee for the first time, and loving it. Coffee enthusiasts are eager to know about all things coffee. Baristas get aske Read more
  • 425 Magazine Recommends Dancing Goats Coffee

    Shelby Rowe Moyer of 425 Magazine gave our Dancing Goats a shout out in her recent Olympia Staycation article. Check out what she had to say about us and other Olympia Locals in the full article here. Have you visited any our Olympia cafes? Te Read more
  • How to make a Cappuccino

    Coffee lovers everywhere enjoy the light, foamy cappuccino they get at their favorite coffee shops. Some cafés serve extra-large, or iced drinks they claim are cappuccinos, but those aren’t real cappuccinos. A cappuccino is an Italian drink mad Read more
  • Coffee Brewing Blunders

    Even coffee professionals make coffee brewing blunders on occasion. Everybody makes mistakes and when it comes to coffee, mistakes (or inattention more than likely) can make a stellar coffee less than great at any point, from the coffee farm to the Read more
  • How to make a latte

    Drinking espresso-based beverages is more popular than ever. Arguably, the most popular espresso-based drink is the latte. The Italian name “Latte” sounds fancy, but the drink is quite simple, a latte is just two ingredients, espresso and milk Read more
  • Home Espresso: What It Takes

    Here at Batdorf and Bronson, we often get asked about making espresso at home. It seems like a simple enough question, but there is more to this century-old coffee extraction practice than you might think. According to Italian lore, to make espres Read more

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