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Travel with us on our Origin trips, meet the farmers and see where our Costa Rican coffee begins. All Batdorf & Bronson Blog posts tagged Origins.
  • Connecting Partners: Evergreen Foundation trip to Costa Rica

    Two years ago, as we were leaving the Art of Giving Gala for the Evergreen Foundation, Bob Benck turned to me and said- "We should ramp it up- offer a trip to origin next year!" The group of us had had a great time that night- a table of Batdorf a Read more
  • Upcoming Origin Trip - Tarrazu, Costa Rica

    An educational opportunity of a lifetime, I've been asked to tag along on a trip to Costa Rica! Bob, our green coffee buyer, visits every year and a couple of folks from Batdorf get to join him. This time it's me... Read more
  • Café Javasti goes to Costa Rica

    2010 started off with a great experience for both Batdorf & Bronson and our wholesale partners Café Javasti - a group trip to Costa Rica! Every year we look forward to our annual trip... Read more
  • Coffee is No Longer King in Costa Rica

    "Protejamos Nuestro Ambiente" - Protect the environment. The last decade has definitely seen great change in Costa Rica’s coffee economy. Currently, coffee production accounts for less than 1% of the country’s GDP. In 2006 the figure was Read more

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