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ONE ROAST Nicaraguan Coffee

Nicaraguan coffee

For a coffee buyer, February can be a very busy month. As the peak harvest in Central America is more or less winding down, there are some areas in the region where altitude and micro-climate influence coffees to just begin their harvest life-cycle. It is a month where a buyer can cup coffees to get an idea of overall quality, and still participate in the harvest itself. I spent over three weeks in Nicaragua this past February and was able to taste several truly delightful Nicaraguan coffee and some truly unique ones as well.  This is the month that brought me to “Las Delicias”.


Las Delicias is a farm in the Jinotega area of Nicaragua high above Lago de Apanas. It is a neighboring farm to Finca San Jose whose coffees we have carried in the past. The Las Delicias coffee is being processed through the Fincas Mierisch dry mill, meaning great care is taken at every step of the process. The coffee is 100% Bourbon and is a pulp natural process, aromatically and aesthetically displaying characteristics further on the natural side of that spectrum. The cup is full of mixed berries and passion fruit. A creamy, smooth body and surprisingly clean finish are the hallmarks of this delightful cup.

Bob Benck

In true “One Roast” fashion there are only about 55 pounds of this fine Nicaraguan coffee.  Don’t wait; It will be gone quickly. Pre-sales begin March 31st and the roast drops on April 4th. After that, it is only a fond memory. -Bob Benck

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