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Explore the Batdorf community in Olympia, WA. Meet our people and discover local events. All Batdorf & Bronson Blog posts tagged Olympia.
  • Meet our Customer Service Manager, Jenya Campbell

    What do 110 pound Scottish Deerhounds, that grow to 32 inches tall and were bred to stalk deer in the highlands- and some of the best coffee in the world drunk by some of the best customers in the world have in common? Jenya Campbell, our Customer Read more
  • Stevens Pass: A New Season

    When I was 10 years-old I was initiated into the world of alpine skiing, riding a bright yellow school bus full of (mostly) happy youngsters up winding Highway 2 to Stevens Pass Ski Area. We looked up at those gleaming white peaks as we stepped off t Read more
  • TNTNW at the Olympia Coffee House!

    Ooh what fun! Last week we were thrilled to host the Thursday Night Throwdown (TNTNW) latte-art competition at the Oly coffee house. There was an excellent turnout with many competitors for the awesome prizes provided by our sponsors. Our friends o Read more
  • Processing Methods & Plant Cultivars

    Nicaragua – Mierisch Family                 Our Green Coffee Buyer Bob Benck, takes us on a journey to Nicaragua – where we will explore different Cultivars and the effects of varying Processing Read more
  • Giving Back to the Community

    Team Batdorf had a fantastic weekend, giving our time to several Earth Friendly events in our Community. Jim Volunteering to Clean-Up Downtown Beyond donating our tasty coffee to this local event - several altruistic individuals spent their Satu Read more
  • Fresh Brewed Iced Coffee

    For this month’s public cupping, we will show you how to make freshly brewed iced coffee, using a variety of brew methods. You may recall our fun iced coffee cupping from last year. Well, it is about that time again, when we all want to enjoy our Read more

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