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Explore the Batdorf community in Olympia, WA. Meet our people and discover local events. All Batdorf & Bronson Blog posts tagged Olympia.
  • Explore Washington State Visits the Dancing Goats

    Explore Washington State visited our Dancing Goats Coffee Bar on 111 Market St. NE and enjoyed some fresh brewed Dancing Goats Blend. Find out what they had to say here. Have you tasted the Dancing Goats Blend lately? Tell us about it in the co Read more
  • 425 Magazine Recommends Dancing Goats Coffee

    Shelby Rowe Moyer of 425 Magazine gave our Dancing Goats a shout out in her recent Olympia Staycation article. Check out what she had to say about us and other Olympia Locals in the full article here. Have you visited any our Olympia cafes? Te Read more
  • Accessible Travel Features Oly Tasting Room

    Suzanne Bair of Accessible Family Travel paid us a visit at our Olympia Tasting Room on her recent weekend in Olympia and decided to write about it. Check out what she had to say about us and other Olympia Locals in the full article here. Have yo Read more
  • Story Highlights Our Sustainability Practices

    Kelsey Norvell at Thurston Talk shines some light on our decades-long campaign to employ environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of our business. Learn about some of the ways we care for our environment in the full article here. We're y Read more
  • Batdorf & Bronson Increases its Solar System

    December 1, 2015, in a celebration that includes representatives from Puget Sound Energy, USDA, and Thurston Chamber of Commerce, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters will officially “flip the switch” on their recently installed 9.9kW solar sy Read more
  • Meet Carolyn Skye

    Saying the name Carolyn Skye is, to a certain degree, synonymous with talking about our brand and company. Carolyn has been with Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters almost from day one back in 1986. Hired by Dick Batdorf and Shannon Bronson, Ca Read more

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