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OLY vs. ATL Manual Brew Battle

Olympia Vs. Atlanta MBB

A Manual Brewing Battle is this: a coffee brewing competition whereby baristas are judged not on the method, but on the aspects of the finished cup. It’s a blind-judged competition, and is totally fair for all. All use the same coffee, and each barista has 10 minutes to submit their final brew to the judges who evaluate it based on aroma, flavor, body, and balance. The scoring is done by a panel of three judges which includes a local coffee lover (not a professional), a local coffee professional, and a local chef. The competition will be against the Atlanta and Southeast region baristas that will be at our Atlanta roastery via Skype video chat.

Sunday, January 16th 4pm The event will be held at Batdorf & Bronson's Olympia and Atlanta coffee roasteries. 200 Market St. NE

The public is invited and encouraged to attend. Snacks, fun and coffee will be provided, along with live music by Penniped (in Olympia).

Questions? Email [email protected] or [email protected] Or call (360)754-5282

4 thoughts on “OLY vs. ATL Manual Brew Battle”

  • Re barista battle,
    I fancy myself a more than fair judge of coffee and would love to be your "random" local coffee judge, although I live in tricities. I have been a B&B fan since the coffeehouse on the "other side"
    of Capitol Blvd and think I would be more than fair. Please consider me and I will get time off and come over.

    thank you


    • Hi Mark,

      Sorry we didn't get back to you earlier. I think we already have the judges by now, but you should come to the event anyway and at least take part in the excitement and great coffee.

      Thanks for commenting!

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