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Nicaragua Cerro Jesus


Our green bean buyer followed this unique test lot of coffee in Nicaragua for a year- and now we have the only 5 bags of it available anywhere. Bob Benck, Green Bean Buyer for Batdorf & Bronson, came across a sample of coffee over two years ago while doing a blind tasting at a coffee lab in Ocotal, Nicaragua.

Cerro Jesus Nicaragua

He found the cup to be truly unique; In fact, it was unlike any other coffee on the table. After some discussion he was told by the mill manager that it was a new variety they had planted at a farm in Jalapa, on the Honduran border. The name of the farm was Cerro Jesus and the coffee variety was called Marsellesa. After a little research it was learned that the Marsellesa variety was a Timor hybrid, a Robusta lineage known for high productivity and disease resistance, crossed with a Villa Sarchi variety. Villa Sarchi is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety with a highly regarded cup quality.  Normally we would be very cautious of anything with Robusta genetics however, in this case, the cup quality told him all he needed to know.

Unfortunately, the sample provided only represented a very small quantity of coffee. A year later Bob found himself in the same cupping lab and came across another sample that once again caused him to pause; This time he knew immediately what the coffee was! A mere 5 bags of coffee had been available from the same test lot.  We do not know what the future holds for this unique variety. While it is easy to grow, it is hard to maintain genetic integrity. Mother nature tends to drift and this coffee in particular tends to drift faster and farther than some others, not to mention the impact and influence of terroir. Hopefully these results can be repeated on greater scale. For now, let’s enjoy it while we can. Order your bag here!

In the cup you will find intense flavors of sugar and Key lime.  A medium body and lasting finish make this a truly enjoyable cup. We couldn’t think of a better time to offer this coffee than during this festive Holiday season. Cheers!

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