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Let's Talk Coffee in Peru

Let's Talk Coffee - Tarapoto, Peru

We are pleased to announce that Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters will once again be attending the Let’s Talk Coffee® event. This October 15-18, we will be heading down to Tarapoto, a small town in the San Martín region of Peru. Tarapoto is the largest city in the region of San Martín and the world's largest supplier of certified organic coffee.

This year's theme, “Harvesting Great Taste Together” will focus on the roots of taste will utilize many small group sessions to conduct cuppings, learn about the latest brewing and preparation systems and test-drive new supply chain technology. Some of world’s top baristas will be in attendance to demonstrate how every improvement in the supply chain helps bring coffee to its full taste potential.

Below is a great video that Sustainable Harvest created for last years Seed to Cup Challenge that took place at the 2009 Let's Talk Coffee event in Nicaragua.

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