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Keep Coffee Beans Fresh at Home

keep coffee beans fresh at homeWhen we speak about how to keep coffee beans fresh at home we must first talk about how your coffee came to arrive in your home. Hopefully, not too long ago your coffee was inside a cherry on a coffee tree (it’s actually a plant but “tree” is more poetic). If it is specialty coffee, it stayed on the tree until it was ripe. It was picked and run through a milling process until only the bean inside remained. The bean was shipped to a coffee roaster who took into account its size and density and moisture content to create the optimal roast profile for that bean. After the bean was roasted it was packaged in a bag with a one-way valve so that gas could escape but no air or light could enter, at least not until that moment that you, yes you, bring the enemies to the gate.

If you have a bag of Batdorf coffee, that is the journey the coffee inside has been on before arriving in your home. A lot of effort went into bringing you that coffee, many hands, we like to point out. And you are just going to ruin it. As soon as you open the bag you allow two enemies of freshness, air and light, to attack the coffee we have all worked so hard to bring to you in near pristine condition. So our keep coffee beans fresh at homefirst tip on how to keep coffee beans fresh at home is NEVER OPEN THE BAG!

What? No dice? Okay, if you insist on brewing and drinking your Batdorf coffee, here are a few tips on how to keep coffee beans fresh at home.

First, buy only as much whole bean coffee as you will use over 7-10 days and do not grind your coffee until you are ready to brew it. Next thing, remember that coffee is like a vampire. Keep your coffee out of the light and inside an airtight casket, uh, container. After you open your bag (again, if you must) transfer the coffee to an opaque airtight container. We know our coffee bags are attractive but you can’t leave your coffee in the bag if you really want to keep the beans as fresh as possible for as long as possible. And yes, coffee beans look pretty inside a transparent glass container but don’t do it.

But air and light are only two of the enemies lurking in your kitchen. Heat and moisture also seek to do evil to those who want to keep coffee beans fresh at home. Do not store your whole bean coffee inside the refrigerator or the freezer. Just don’t do it because, among other reasons, moisture is not only one of the enemies, it is second only to air in the amount of damage it can inflict. As for heat, keep your opaque, airtight container away from the oven and stovetop, away from direct sunlight and windows and, if you want to get really crazy about it (and we do) away from east and west facing exterior walls.keep coffee beans fresh at home

Like we said, a lot of work went into delivering great coffee, freshly roasted, to your kitchen. We respectfully suggest that you be just as obsessed with how to keep coffee beans fresh at home as we are with bringing great coffee to you.

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