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Guatemala Las Iglesias: Caramel and Chocolate

Guatemala Las I

Rich and sweet flavors are a blessing.

The city of Antigua contains many churches- Igelsias in Spanish- over 43 in fact. It is this cultural point that gives the coffee “Las Iglesias” its name. This offering is a blend of many small-holder coffee producers located in the municipality of Sacatepéquez. The farms are on the slopes of the Volcan de Agua, and have the soil conditions and climate necessary to produce truly Antiguan coffee.

This is a fully washed coffee that undergoes traditional fermentation. It is processed at the Beneficio Concepción, a very old and famous milling facility near Guatemala City. This is the same mill that has dry milled our El Valle Guatemalan coffees in the past, and they are very diligent during all phases of milling. After pulping and washing, the coffee is fully sun-dried on concrete patios.

In the cup you will experience flavors of caramel and chocolate. The coffee is very balanced, with a medium body and a bright, well-structured acidity. The coffee has a sweet lingering finish making it a delight any time of day.

Come over to our shop online and order some- Guatemala Las Iglesias. Fans of Guatemalan coffees, particularly the storied region of Antigua, will be very happy.

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