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French Press vs. Chemex


Technical drawing depicting French Press VS ChemexThe unique design and popularity of the Chemex warrants a comparison to the also popular French Press.

Both the French Press and the Chemex are popular with home-brewing aficionados because of the quality coffee they produce, and their unique process for making that coffee.

Of course, coffee isn’t just about getting a jolt of caffeine.

Each brewer has distinct characteristics that depending on your lifestyle could help, or hurt, your coffee making experience.

hand grabbing mug of coffee

 To help you decide between a French Press and a Chemex we will cover six categories; the lifetime cost, the ease of use, the cleanup and maintenance, brewing speed, serving size, and durability.


Winner: French Press

You need a brewer that makes great coffee and fits your lifestyle while still fitting into your budget.

hand pulling money out of wallet

When deciding on a coffee brewer the obvious first question is, can you afford it? The Chemex will set you back around $40 plus the cost of filters.

The French Press is not only cheaper upfront, but because you don’t need filters, there is no added cost. Great for you wallet!

Our web store offers our favorite French Press and Chemex.


Winner: French Press

You want a brewer that you can use when you are exhausted and wishing for a few more minutes of sleep.

a pair of feet poking out of pink sheets

The Chemex, like all pour overs,  requires that you stand focused while you slowly pour hot water over freshly ground coffee. Those four minutes can feel like a lifetime when you still need to finish getting ready.

With the French Press you can prep your coffee, and then get ready or even crawl back into bed while your coffee brews.

Check out our full tutorials for French Press and Chemex for more details on what it is like to use them.


Winner:  Chemex

Making coffee is only part of the experience. Cleaning up after can sometimes take twice as long.

pouring hot water into Chemex

Cleanup with the French Press is a bit of a chore; you will often be left scraping, dumping and tapping out the grinds.

Along with a sleek design, the Chemex offers an easy cleanup. The filters mean cleanup takes only a few moments.


Winner: Tie

Coffee is usually brewed using pressure or time.

a teal clock on side table

The French Press and the Chemex both use Time to brew coffee. It will take around 4 minutes to get a cup of coffee from either brewer.

In only 4 minutes you will get an exceptional cup of coffee from whichever brewer you choose.


Winner: Tie

Either brewer will make you fantastic coffee that you can have by yourself or share during a dinner party.

Two Chemexes pouring coffee into four cups

Both the French Press and the Chemex are versatile in size. You can brew one cup, or several depending on what you need at the moment.

The French Press and the Chemex each come in different sizes to suit your needs.


Winner:  French Press

If you need entertainment for a dinner party, you won’t want to practice your juggling with either brewer.

shattered clear glass and teal ceramic plate

The glass carafes of the Chemex and most French Presses make these brewers less durable than a plastic counterpart. But their fantastic coffee will make up for not being able to use them as a play toy.

If you need a durable brewer, the French Press does have a stainless steel option that omits the glass carafe.


These two brewers are chosen time and time again because the coffee they produce is consistent and delicious.

steam coming out of a brown mug

This comparison comes down to where you want to spend your time. Do you want to stand over your brewer for 4 minutes or spend those 4 minutes cleaning up after your coffee?

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