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French Press vs. AeroPress

Technical sketch comparing French Press and AeroPress

Comparing the French Press vs AeroPress can be confusing if you don't already know what you are looking at.

It is natural to assume that because the French Press and the AeroPress both have the word “Press” in their names that they do the same thing.

But don’t let their names fool you, these two brewers create drastically different coffee experiences.

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Both brewers make exceptional coffee, and taste is subjective, how do you know which one to buy?

To help you decide on your next brewer we will cover six categories; the lifetime cost, the ease of use, the cleanup and maintenance, brewing speed, serving size, and durability.

This table will give you a quick reference. Keep reading for a full explanation.


Winner: French Press

The lifetime cost of a brewer adds the purchase of the equipment with the expected monthly costs.

large amount of coins spilling from a tipped glass container

A French Press cost between twenty and fifty dollars depending on size and brand. If you purchase the French Press, you don’t need to worry about incurring any other expenses. The AeroPress uses filters that will run you about five to ten dollars for 350 disposable filters.

Even if you purchase a high-end French Press, within two to three years the AeroPress’s required filters will eventually mean that the AeroPress will cost more.

We carry both brewers in our web store, our favorite version of the French Press and the one-and-only AeroPress.


Winner: French Press

Finding a brewer that can be used while multitasking, like getting ready in the morning, can be priceless.

French Press on an old stove

Because of its multiple components, filter, and extra steps the AeroPress takes a bit of finesse to learn.

The simplistic design of the French Press makes it an easier brewer to operate. Brewing a cup of coffee with the French Press can easily be done half awake.

Get an in-depth understanding of what it's like from our brewing tutorials about French Press and AeroPress.


Winner: AeroPress

Brewing a cup of coffee is only half the battle of using a brewer. The other part is cleaning your brewer, and keeping it in working condition.

mug says Life begins after coffee

With a French Press, after pouring your coffee, you are left with a container full of coffee “sludge” that needs to be dumped, scooped, and wiped out of your carafe before you can wash it. The cleanup on the French Press can easily take as long, if not longer than brewing your cup of coffee.

By contrast, the clean-up on the AeroPress takes mere seconds. You simply push the puck of compostable spent coffee grounds out before washing it.


Winner: AeroPress

How long you spend brewing your perfect cup of coffee can be especially important on days you are running late.

hourglass with blue sand among rocks

The French Press uses time (4 minutes) to brew a cup a coffee plus clean-up. The AeroPress uses pressure, and therefore, will only take you around 1 minute to brew a cup of coffee and clean up.

With either brewer you will need to factor in the time it takes to boil water.

The AeroPress is hands-down one of the quickest ways to manually brew coffee at home.

Serving Size

Winner: Tie

Having a brewer that can both support a single cup of coffee as well as multiple cups is important.

silver pitcher pouring coffee into stacked grey mugs

Depending on the size of French Press you purchase, you could make as many as twelve cups of coffee in around four minutes. Although the AeroPress can only make up to four servings at a time, its speed means you can brew up to four batches in the time it takes you to brew a pot of French Press.


Winner: AeroPress

In today’s hustle-and-bustle, it is important to have a brewer that will stand up to daily use, and if you are like most people, maybe even a bit of abuse.

one mug of coffee pouring and spilling into another mug

The glass carafe in a French Press helps make excellent coffee, but isn’t the most resilient when mistreated.

The AeroPress is completely made of a durable, lightweight BPA-Free material that can withstand serious mistreatment.


The AeroPress comes out slightly ahead when you look at each category evenly.

But it is up to you to asses these categories and decide which ones are a higher priority. Ultimately, only you can choose which brewer fits your needs and lifestyle.

A hand holding a metal camping mug full of coffee while a campfire and mountain peaks fill the background

Both of these brewers are excellent choices when making your coffee at home. It is easy to get into a routine once you learn your brewer, and both the French Press and the AeroPress will give you an exceptional cup of fresh coffee.

You are now armed with the information to make the best selection. Leave a comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know which brewer you would pick.

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