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Farm Update from our Green Coffee Buyer - December 2014

Here is the latest report from Bob, on his recent visit to Guatemala!

I recently traveled to Antigua Guatemala to visit with our producer partners, the Gonzales family of Finca el Valle. We hammered out our contract for the upcoming year and discussed current challenges they face. The harvest is slowly starting, the first delivery of cherry arrived at the mill while I was there.

Freshly Arrived Cherries Freshly Arrived Cherries

First pickings of the Year First pickings of the Year










The de-pulpers have recently been repainted and reworked so some tweaking was needed and I was glad to be a part of that.

Newly Painted De-Pulpers! Newly Painted De-Pulpers!


The mill and workers are ready to get started on this year’s harvest.

In the shadow of Volcan de Agua Beneficio Humedo (Wet Mill), In the shadow of Volcan de Agua









El Sabor Vivir - Bob's Local Beer of Choice El Sabor Vivir - Bob's Local Beer of Choice

Still feeling the effects of “La Roya” the harvest will be down significantly. The good news is the trees appear to be healthier, just not producing as much fruit during recovery. We are looking forward to receiving a great coffee once again. This year’s “Amarillo” or yellow bourbon is almost gone so get it while you can. It is a truly amazing coffee.

-Bob Benck

Green Coffee Buyer

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