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Learn how to evaluate coffee like a professional and discover what we look for when tasting a coffee. All Batdorf & Bronson Blog posts tagged Cupping.
  • Tasting Coffee Part 2

    In Part 1 of Tasting Coffee we didn't talk about taste we talked about smell. In Part 2 we finally taste. Tongue! Finally, enough with the nose, move on to the main event, tasting coffee. To a large degree, tasting coffee is an assessment of the ext Read more
  • Tasting Coffee Part I

    Drinking coffee can be and is for millions of people every day one of life’s simple pleasures, but for some people, drinking coffee might be simple but tasting coffee is not. If you just want to enjoy your coffee, more power to you. If you want to Read more
  • Processing Methods & Plant Cultivars

    Nicaragua – Mierisch Family                 Our Green Coffee Buyer Bob Benck, takes us on a journey to Nicaragua – where we will explore different Cultivars and the effects of varying Processing Read more
  • Fresh Brewed Iced Coffee

    For this month’s public cupping, we will show you how to make freshly brewed iced coffee, using a variety of brew methods. You may recall our fun iced coffee cupping from last year. Well, it is about that time again, when we all want to enjoy our Read more
  • Pairing Coffee with Chocolate

    From agriculture, to processing & roasting - the Chocolate & Coffee industries have so many similarities. At Batdorf & Bronson, we are proud to carry the TCHO line of chocolates. TCHO is one of only about a dozen Chocolate makers in the U Read more
  • Exploring Components of Taste - Part 2

    Evaluating Coffee Body Acidity, body and aftertaste are common terms used in the Coffee world, when we describe what we are tasting. In our trade it is of the utmost importance to be able to describe these elements to each other, using a common la Read more

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