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Coffee Story: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha

In preparation for our newest coffee launch I sat down with Bob Benck, the man who travels the world in search of top quality coffee. He is our Green Bean Buyer, and coffee is his business, there is no better person to ask about our new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha, and so ask I shall.

First off, how did you find this coffee Bob?Ethiopia-camels

I first tasted coffees from Yirgacheffe 15 years ago. It was obvious at that time the area offered a truly unique cup profile. I have been on the lookout for fine coffees from there ever since. It's always difficult to find a coffee that lives up to my memories of the past. This “Aricha” truly does deliver.

Where is it from?

The Aricha washing station in the Idido Valley of the Yirgacheffe region. Yirgacheffe is a sub region within the area of Sidamo.

What about this coffee has you excited?

Cup profile. While many washed Yirgacheffes deliver the clean lemony cup profile, few are able to balance with unique floral qualities including jasmine and lavender. I like to take the time to smell the flowers on my journey through life, you should too!

What can you compare this coffee to, for similarities or for differences?

Truly unique, it exemplifies how both the place and the process really can create a great experience.Ethiopia-lndscp


Who would really enjoy this coffee?

I believe anybody who appreciates great flavor will find pleasure in this coffee. It is unique and delicate enough that it can be an all day drinker. That being said if you only drink one cup a day this most definitely should be your cup of choice.

Which brewing method really makes this coffee shine?

I have not found a method I do not enjoy with this coffee. I do find however that a slightly heavier dose of coffee enhances my experience with most methods. I also think this coffee makes an amazing iced coffee or cold brew.

About how long will this coffee be available?

Get it while you can. I am thinking this gem will not last for long. One month maybe???? Time will tell.

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