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Coffee Science

Join us in the lab for some coffee nerdery.
  • Keep Coffee Beans Fresh at Home

    When we speak about how to keep coffee beans fresh at home we must first talk about how your coffee came to arrive in your home. Hopefully, not too long ago your coffee was inside a cherry on a coffee tree (it’s actually a plant but “tree” is m Read more
  • Coffee Tasting Workouts

    Why Practice Coffee Tasting? Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players to have ever played the game. Undeniably he had a certain level of natural talent, however he also had an unmatched and exhausting practice routine that focuse Read more
  • What are coffee defects?

    A Guatemalan beneficio, or coffee mill, in the middle of August is a bit of a lonely place. The coffee is unripe on the trees and except for the occasional worker walking by outside with a cart full of pruning debris, the whole place feels rather e Read more
  • Coffee Bloom

    If coffee could talk when it comes out of the roaster it would say, “I’m feeling a little gassy.” The difference between green unroasted coffee beans and brown roasted coffee beans is significant, not only in appearance and size but in densi Read more

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