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Check out our new selection of coffee and learn what makes it unique. All posts tagged Coffee Launch.
  • Nicaragua Cerro Jesus

      Our green bean buyer followed this unique test lot of coffee in Nicaragua for a year- and now we have the only 5 bags of it available anywhere.  Continue reading → Read more
  • One Roast- The Right Way

    Green bean buyer Bob Benck discusses the One Roast program and October's offering, a special super small lot from our friends at Finca El Valle. Read more
  • ONE ROAST Nicaraguan Coffee

    For a coffee buyer, February can be a very busy month. As the peak harvest in Central America is more or less winding down, there are some areas in the region where altitude and micro-climate influence coffees to just begin their harvest life-cycle Read more
  • Honduran Cup of Excellence

    B&B Roaster Brian Meyers is on his way to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to participate as a judge in the Honduran Cup of Excellence competition. He will serve as an international judge who will evaluate samples pre-screened by Honduran cuppers. The competi Read more
  • Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Shoye

    Bob During our visit to Ethiopia earlier this year for the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange, we made time to stop by a few farms and meet the producers.  We were quite impressed with the offering from the small Shoye co-op in the Sidamo region of Et Read more
  • Rwanda Buremera MIG

    The Rwanda Buremera is a 100% Bourbon varietal that is grown in high altitude small farms in the hills of the Buremera region of Southeast Rwanda. Read more

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