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Coffee Geography

Do you love a good natural processed Ethiopian coffee? How about a washed Colombian? This is where Batdorf & Bronson experts talk all about the worlds coffee producing regions.
  • Kenyan Coffee - A Gift from the Owner of Snow

    For hundreds of years the Kikuyu people have lived on the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya, the region where our Kenyan coffee, Kenya Kiangoi, is grown. Traditional spiritual beliefs hold that the snow covered peaks of Mt. Kenya are God’s throne on e Read more
  • Coffee's Appellation Trail

    One of the extraordinary things that happens when you drive from Guatemala City to Antigua Guatemala (to visit friends at Finca El Valle, for example), aside from surviving sketchy lane changes made by local buses, is something invisible. You cross a Read more
  • Bob Benck: Inside the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange

    Bob I arrived a day late due to a missed connection in Frankfurt, Germany. Fortunately, Continental Airlines was graceful enough to give me a day room at a nearby hotel along with a stipend of 30 euros. I was turned loose in Frankfurt with abo Read more
  • Ethiopian Coffee and the ECX

    In a proclamation issued in August of 2008, the exchange was established to route all non-certified coffee and non-privately exportable coffee... Read more
  • The now-elusive taste of Harar coffee

    Ethiopia was the first country that taught me how distinct and wide-ranging differences in region could mean to a cup. This was instrumental in helping Read more

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