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See the reactions of un-assuming professionals when their workplace is ambushed with our Batdorf coffee. All posts tagged COFFEE AMBUSH.
  • Coffee Ambush-Cartoon Network in Atlanta!

    So far, we've done Coffee Ambushes all over the country, with the bulk of them obviously being in the Atlanta area. We've done really cool ones like Adult Swim, MailChimp, Coca-Cola, PopCap Games and more, and yet there was one Ambush that I wa Read more
  • Coffee Ambush- HowStuffWorks!

    Yesterday, we Coffee Ambushed the staff at HowStuffWorks! Afterwards, they gave us a behind the scenes tour of their great offices/studios! Check out the video below! Coffee Ambush at HowStuffWorks! Read more
  • Coffee Ambush- Creative Loafing Atlanta!

    This morning, Batdorf Atlanta Trainer/Educator Chandler Rentz and I Coffee Ambushed Creative Loafing Atlanta, our alternative news weekly. It was a blast, and the coffees were delicious! Check out the video! Coffee Ambush- Creative Loafing. Read more
  • We Coffee Ambushed Adult Swim!

    Yesterday, we had the chance to Coffee Ambush our good friends over at Adult Swim. Customers of ours for many years, and great supporters, there was much love for the coffee flowing. Dut Goodman from Dancing Goats Coffee Bar assisted me, brewing Read more
  • Coca-Cola gets Coffee Ambushed in Atlanta!

    Coffee Ambush at Coca-Cola. The video is above. This Coffee Ambush finds us at Coca-Cola here in Atlanta. Coca-Cola has several offices here in Atlanta, and the one I was at handles bottler relations, as well as some of their internet work. I b Read more
  • AMBUSH? Yes Please…

    You arrive at the office and everything seems normal enough at first. You greet your co-workers, engage in some obligatory small talk and settle into your desk, but something seems…different. You glance over your shoulder several times. Are yo Read more

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