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Chandler Will Once Again Be At The SERBC

Chandler preparing his signature drink at the 2010 SERBC.


After earning second place in his first ever Southeast Regional Barista Competition, Chandler Rentz will once again be representing B&B at this year's SERBC in Atlanta. He has worked closely with B&B's Atlanta roasters to find the perfect espresso and decided on a Colombian lot from the Cundinamarco region.

As espresso, this coffee has a beautiful citrus and pecan aroma. While in the cup, the up front hints of tangerine give way to flavors of raisins and dried cherries. This coffee has a fruity sweetness that lingers in the finish. The mouth feel is out of this world; smooth, round and velvety. Definitely, my favorite SOE this year so far.

Chandler will be competing tomorrow at 12:50pm EST, which you can watch along with everyone else at the United States Barista Championship website:

If you're lucky enough to try the unreleased Colombia Cundinamarco Single Origin Espresso, leave a comment and tell Chandler what you think. If you didn't hear about it, then maybe you should think about subscribing to our email newsletters.

2 thoughts on “Chandler Will Once Again Be At The SERBC”

  • Heather Ringwood February 14, 2011 at 6:14 am

    I had the distinct opportunity to be there in person when Chandler competed on Friday and in the finals on Sunday and he rocked it! With an overall placement of 4th, this will not be the last we see of Chandler Rentz. Wish you could have all been there to cheer him on in person - but I know you were there in spirit! And the palate cleanser in his signature beverage was so good!

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